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The Oriental Museum Director Zhou

Guangzhou Oriental Museum, sits on nearly 5 acres with a usable construction area of 8000+ square meters. Designed by China Architecture Design and Research Group, the entire construction is simple but not meek. Plain but not dull and appears open and expansive but still catches the wind.

The museum’s collection started in 1988 with the purchase of one of Zhang Da Qian’s early masterworks. After over 20 years of unremitting diligence, the museum now boasts 600 pieces that span across four millennia of history.

Guangzhou Oriental Museum anchors the Eastern side of the Cultural Village of Guangzhou’s Asian Games City. It is nestled between the beautiful Oriental Museum Bluffs and the quietly flowing waters of the Li River. To the West lies the refined Harmony Square and across the water is the sleek Asian Games Beach Volleyball Complex.